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How to Use Cash App without SSN? All You Must Know!

Cash App is one of the most reliable digital payment apps that offer many features to its users. Established in 2013 by Square Inc., the Cash app allow its users to prevent their hard-earned money from any fraud or attack. Being a certified payment app, Cash App always prevents all the data of its users from unauthorized access. And for verification purposes, Cash App also offers its users to share the SSN. Many users already know that sharing SSN is a very important part of the verification of Cash App account. But ever wondered what if you use Cash App Without SSN? In case, if you do so, you might not be getting the fullest advantages of this smart P2P payment app.

Cash App without SSN

To help you understand the whole procedure to use cash app without SSN, we have mentioned all the relevant data in this blog. So, here we go:

Why does Cash App need SSN?

Firstly, we must know why actually cash app demands Social Security Number? Along with the details of your debit or credit card, the Square payment app also demands some additional Cash App verification details. While creating a new Cash App account, it prompts a window where you need to enter your SSNs to complete the signup process.

There are many advantages that you can avail yourself easily if you are a verified user on the Square payment app. Firstly, as a registered user, you can receive unlimited money from your contact, and then, you can send up to $7500 in a week. It also allows users to buy and sell BTC as well as Stocks through their Cash app account. Additionally, you can enable Cash App direct deposit feature and receive payments through your stimulus and salary paychecks directly in your wallet.

How to get a Cash App Card without SSN?

Hope, you are familiar with the advantages and steps to signing in to cash app account. Now it’s time to understand what if you want to use cash app card without SSN. So, sorry to say that you cannot verify your account at all without SSN.

Navigate to your profile section and then click on the personal tab. Here you will get all the information related to Cash App accounts, like DOB, billing address, contact details, and SSN. So, you can never verify your identity on Cash App without SSN.

Steps to Send Money on Cash App Without Verification

You can send and receive money from your Cash app account even if you are not verified on Cash App. If you are unable to log in to your account, try to reset Cash app PIN. Once you get access to your account, follow the below-mentioned steps to send money on Cash App without SSN:

  • Firstly, open the Cash App on your iOS or Android device.
  • Then, click on the “$” sign available on your phone followed by a click on the “Send” button.
  • Now enter the amount that you have to transfer. It must be noted that as a not verified user you cannot send an amount of more than $250.
  • Further, choose the person from your contact list to whom you have to send money.
  • At last, click on the Send button to transfer money without SSN.

Can I get a free SSN for Cash App?

In case, if you want a free SSN for Cash app then we have bad news for you. We want to tell you that there is nothing like a free SSN for Cash App. There are several Cash App scams that may offer you to provide free SSN for verification of your account. Always beware of such fraud and keep yourself away from scammers and liars.


That’s all for now! I Hope, we have mentioned all the information about verifying your Cash App account without SSN. Though it is not beneficial for you to verify your account without using SSN. If you feel any issues or need further assistance, you can contact us. Our technical support team is available 24*7 to fix your issue.

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